A Salute to Resco Watch Company

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Resco Watch Company aka ” Resco Instruments”, have hit the ground running in 2013. This company is in the process of producing two generations of the toughest watches on the market today. Their 1st and 2nd generation Patriots have become lucky charms for the guys going through BUD’S training. Resco is also raising tadpoles and dishing out their Bullfrog collection as well. You can also catch ” Mr. Reese” from CBS‘ ” Person Of Interest” with his super sleuth sidekick ” Mr. Finch” sporting a Generation 1 or 2 Patriot. Word is Resco has shipped Mr. Reese ( Jim Caviziel) a new Generation 2 Patriot. I’ve got a funny feeling many of Resco’s watches have seen more action in some of the worlds hot spots than I can imagine. But that’s classified. I look forward to see what else Resco has in store for 2013.

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A Sneak Preview of the Oris Calobra Limited Edition

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Oris has given us a sneak preview of the Oris Calobra Limited Edition at Basel World 2013.  It looks like Oris is proud to celebrate their title sponsorship of the ” Oris Rally Clasico  Isla Mallorca”. Oris is once again pushing the limit with men’s watches.563087_10151359815707900_93248237_n

Luminox Announces New Dive Chronograph Watches

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Luminox announces three new dive chronograh watches, with red start buttons. Luminox says they'll be available this spring. Chronoshield will keep you posted with any details.

Luminox announces three new dive chronograph watches, with red start buttons. Luminox says they’ll be available this spring. Chronoshield will keep you posted with any details.

A True Divers Watch

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Good day watch fans. Oris announced earlier this month the arrival of the Aquis Depth Gauge. Oris’ engineers have applied the Boyle Marriotte Law to this dive watch. The law states if the volume of a gas is decreased, the pressure increases. Ok, if you didn’t do that well in science you’re not alone. So let’s make it simple. Oris has an opening in the crystal of the dial at the 12 o’clock spot that lets water into a channel that runs along the edge of the watches dial, which shows up light or dark grey. That light or dark grey channel corresponds with the scale indicating the depth on your decent or ascent. This dive watch is the perfect companion for both the professional and recreational diver. Oris has not yet indicated when it will be available for purchase, but rest assured Chrono Shield Watches will keep you posted.

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A New Year Equals New Watches

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Good day and Happy New Year watch world. I know that’s a little late. I’ve been away for a while. It seems 2013 has already produced an explosion of innovation, ingenuity and down right coolness when it comes to men’s watches. Let’s tally it all up. Jaeger LeCoultre has a new Deep Sea Chronograph Cermet. Kobold Watch Co. has gone on a spiritual journey & produced the Himalaya Deity Edition. IWC has fused analog & digital into one watch with the Ingenieur Perpetual Calendar Digital Date-Month timepiece. Luminox continues to soldier on with the Nav SPC( Navigation Specialist), a new model from their RECON series along with the Steel Color Mark Chronograph 3180 series.I’m excited to see what else 2013 has in store in the world of horology.

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New Watch Alert…..Hublot

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Aston Martin & Jaeger-Le Coultre Are Dating

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Aston Martin and Jaeger-Le Coultre have teamed up to produce the AMVOX7 Chronograph. This time piece is inspired by the Aston Martin Vanquish. Along with its exquisite craftmanship, the AMVOX7 has chronograph functions with hidden buttons. To activate the chronograph you have to press the watches crystal at the 12 o’clock position. To reset the chronograph, just touch the 6 o’clock spot on the crystal. This is called the vertical trigger.  Kind of 007-ish. Although Jaeger-Le Coultre is not associated with the Bond franchise, the Aston Martin certainly is.

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