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Luminox Announces New Dive Chronograph Watches

Posted in Watches with tags , , on February 1, 2013 by chronoshieldwatches
Luminox announces three new dive chronograh watches, with red start buttons. Luminox says they'll be available this spring. Chronoshield will keep you posted with any details.

Luminox announces three new dive chronograph watches, with red start buttons. Luminox says they’ll be available this spring. Chronoshield will keep you posted with any details.


A New Year Equals New Watches

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Good day and Happy New Year watch world. I know that’s a little late. I’ve been away for a while. It seems 2013 has already produced an explosion of innovation, ingenuity and down right coolness when it comes to men’s watches. Let’s tally it all up. Jaeger LeCoultre has a new Deep Sea Chronograph Cermet. Kobold Watch Co. has gone on a spiritual journey & produced the Himalaya Deity Edition. IWC has fused analog & digital into one watch with the Ingenieur Perpetual Calendar Digital Date-Month timepiece. Luminox continues to soldier on with the Nav SPC( Navigation Specialist), a new model from their RECON series along with the Steel Color Mark Chronograph 3180 series.I’m excited to see what else 2013 has in store in the world of horology.

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Time On The Big Screen

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Good Monday watch world. I’m sure you guys have enjoyed many of the movies that have been released this year. I took the time to try to find out what time pieces were being worn on the big screen. Samuel L. Jackson wore a Piaget Polo white gold chronograph in ” The Avengers”. Tom Cruise donned a Tudor Heritage Chronograph in “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol”.  Will Smith wore Hamilton Ventura while chasing ET in “Men In Black 3″. The Active Duty Navy Seals in ” Act of Valor” put Jaeger-Le Coultre watches to the test. Jeremy Renner of course wore the IWC ‘s Pilot’s Watch Double Chronograph while taking on the role of Aaron Cross in ” The Bourne Legacy”. I mean, the list goes on but I wanted to highlight some of my favorites. Oh! How could I forget about the cast of “Battleship” and Luminox.

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Fade to Black

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No, I’m not referring to Metallica’s ” Fade to Black”, or Jay-Z’s “Fade to Black”. Although I am a fan of both. I’m talking about the Luminox Field Chronograph 1840 Series. This piece was made for land lovers who may need to tell time in the dark from time to time. This piece is equipped with a chrono alarm, quartz movement, static bezel ( bezel doesn’t move but so what), crystal glass with anti-reflective coating, illumination night vision tubes (creates illumination in the dark for 25 years). The case material is stainless steel black brushed. I know some watch aficionados don’t take a watch serious if it’s not automatic, kinetic or solar-powered. Some time pieces deserve a pass, and the Luminox Field Chronograph 1840 Series is one of them. Lights out.

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