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It’s Finally Here!!!!! Skyfall and Omega!!!! Bond

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Wooooo Hoooooo!!!!!!


Hot Off The Press:Edox’s Chronodakar

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Hey guys. I’ve been off for a few days. But I’m back. Ok hot off the press. Edox is introducing a new piece called the Chronodakar. They haven’t offered much information on it, but here’s the intel I’ve been able to scoop up. Edox is limiting this one to 200 pieces world-wide. Now that’s truly limited edition. It’s got PVD coating and has car like attributes. It’s bezel, from what I can see, counts down instead of up along with its chronograph functions with huge start and stop buttons. Even with limited intel, this bad boy is yummy.  

Apple Copied Something….Nah

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It seems Apple is called on the carpet by Swiss Railways for using its iconic clock design. Apple just completed a bitter dispute with Samsung, accusing Samsung of copying several icon designs. It seems Swiss Railway is flattered that Apple used the clock design for its Ipad but they want to have a sit down to hash this out. Pretty ironic.

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TimeCrafters Exhibition In New York

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If you’re in New York this weekend, stop by the Park Avenue Armory for the Time Crafters Exhibition. It’s an exhibition of world-class luxury watches. Tomorrow 9-15 will be the last day.

Take “Time” To Reflect Today

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Today take a little “Time” to reflect, remember, honor or mourn. The world we live in has changed drastically in the past 11 years. But the one thing that has not changed is the fact that we are all the same. No matter your religious beliefs. No matter your political or financial standings. No matter where you are geographically located. We are all bound by time. You may have a lot of time. You may have a little time. I think that I should spend that time wisely by learning from the past so as not to repeat mistakes and possibly destroying the future.

Man of Steel

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I’m such a geek. At the end of the trailer look how Superman breaks the sound barrier because he’s flying so fast.

Omega House London 2012 Olympics

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Olympians let loose in London