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A Salute to Resco Watch Company

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Resco Watch Company aka ” Resco Instruments”, have hit the ground running in 2013. This company is in the process of producing two generations of the toughest watches on the market today. Their 1st and 2nd generation Patriots have become lucky charms for the guys going through BUD’S training. Resco is also raising tadpoles and dishing out their Bullfrog collection as well. You can also catch ” Mr. Reese” from CBS‘ ” Person Of Interest” with his super sleuth sidekick ” Mr. Finch” sporting a Generation 1 or 2 Patriot. Word is Resco has shipped Mr. Reese ( Jim Caviziel) a new Generation 2 Patriot. I’ve got a funny feeling many of Resco’s watches have seen more action in some of the worlds hot spots than I can imagine. But that’s classified. I look forward to see what else Resco has in store for 2013.

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Luminox Announces New Dive Chronograph Watches

Posted in Watches with tags , , on February 1, 2013 by chronoshieldwatches
Luminox announces three new dive chronograh watches, with red start buttons. Luminox says they'll be available this spring. Chronoshield will keep you posted with any details.

Luminox announces three new dive chronograph watches, with red start buttons. Luminox says they’ll be available this spring. Chronoshield will keep you posted with any details.

Time On The Big Screen

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Good Monday watch world. I’m sure you guys have enjoyed many of the movies that have been released this year. I took the time to try to find out what time pieces were being worn on the big screen. Samuel L. Jackson wore a Piaget Polo white gold chronograph in ” The Avengers”. Tom Cruise donned a Tudor Heritage Chronograph in “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol”.  Will Smith wore Hamilton Ventura while chasing ET in “Men In Black 3″. The Active Duty Navy Seals in ” Act of Valor” put Jaeger-Le Coultre watches to the test. Jeremy Renner of course wore the IWC ‘s Pilot’s Watch Double Chronograph while taking on the role of Aaron Cross in ” The Bourne Legacy”. I mean, the list goes on but I wanted to highlight some of my favorites. Oh! How could I forget about the cast of “Battleship” and Luminox.

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Let’s Look Down Range to Down Town

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Hey watch world. Today we’re going to pay tribute to our elite fighting force known as the Navy SEALS and the watches they wear. One of those brands is Resco Instruments. These watches are tried and tested by the SEALs themselves. Some watch companies claim to be the official watch makers for the SEALs. But I know better. Resco watches are made in Coronado California. Now if you’ve kept up with our boys you’d know that Coronado is where the most elite fighting force in the world is manufactured and trained. The same can be said about the three time pieces of Resco Instruments. Theres the Patriot, the Bullfrog(named after veteran and seasoned SEAL operators) and the Red Circle. Due to the busy military schedule of Resco’s owner, there are a limited amount of watches produced per year. I’ve also spotted Jim Cavizen of CBS’s Person of Interest ( my favorite show) wearing one. All in all, Resco watches gets a triple salute from ChronoShieldWatches.

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