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Taken 2: Watch Used To Get Out Of Sticky Situation

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Good day watch world. Sorry for the hiatus. I had a busy week and weekend. I finally got the chance to see the movie Taken II and it was a classic super sleuth, kick…… uh….butt adventure. If you haven’t seen it and you plan to, I suggest you not read this blog because I’m going to talk about a specific scene in the movie. Liam Neeson‘s character and his wife ” Lenore” get taken in Istanbul, Turkey. They’re snatched by some goons on a revenge driven mission and placed in a van with their hands bound and hoods over their heads. The part that caught my attention in this scene was Liam’s use of his watch as a telemeter in order to determine the distance of where the bad guys were taking them. Using the ticking on his watch he counted how long it took to get to the first turn. Then the next turn. How long it took to get to a spot where there was a bird in someone’s shop. All of this was done while tied up with his face covered by the hood. Once his captors got them to the location where they were being held, he calls his daughter back at the hotel using some miniature spy type cell phone. He tells her to pull out a map and draw a circle around the location of the hotel using a certain amount of kilometers. Then he tells her to grab one of his grenades from his field kit and throw it in a safe direction. He was able to hear the blast in order to determine how close they were from the hotel. Real trade craft stuff. Long story short, he was able to tell his daughter where they were using a form of telemetry with his watch. What kind of watch did he have you ask? There was too much action going on for me to see. Any way it was cool and I’m a geek…..I know.

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Skyfall Royal Premiere

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Another Bond video. Can’t wait until the U.S. release.

Hot Off The Press:Edox’s Chronodakar

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Hey guys. I’ve been off for a few days. But I’m back. Ok hot off the press. Edox is introducing a new piece called the Chronodakar. They haven’t offered much information on it, but here’s the intel I’ve been able to scoop up. Edox is limiting this one to 200 pieces world-wide. Now that’s truly limited edition. It’s got PVD coating and has car like attributes. It’s bezel, from what I can see, counts down instead of up along with its chronograph functions with huge start and stop buttons. Even with limited intel, this bad boy is yummy.  

Oris Named Official Time Keeper For Raid Classic Car Rallies

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Oris has been named as the official time keepers and watch partners of the Raid Classic Car Rallies. To commemorate the occasion they’ve also unveiled a limited edition Oris Raid Chronograph 2012 time piece. This piece has been designed in honor of the 1942 Cadillac Series 62. The Raid Chronograph is equipped with 30 minute and 12 hour chronograph functions along with a second time zone indicator.If you look at the dash-board on the Cadillac Series 62 you’ll be able to see the resemblance between the watch & the car. Once again Oris has produced a top-notch time piece that will turn heads.  The Raid Classic Car Rallies starts in Basel and ends in Paris.

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Legend Of The Fall

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Felix Baumgartner free falls wearing a Zenith Stratos watch.

Rising And Falling Into Greatness With The Zenith Stratos Watch

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Felix Baumgartner breaks the speed of sound in the Zenith Stratos timepiece. Makes me think of Tom Petty‘s song ” Free Falling”.

Legends of the Fall

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Here’s a sneak peek at Edox‘s fall line up. The Chronoffshore Big Date. 

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