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A True Divers Watch

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Good day watch fans. Oris announced earlier this month the arrival of the Aquis Depth Gauge. Oris’ engineers have applied the Boyle Marriotte Law to this dive watch. The law states if the volume of a gas is decreased, the pressure increases. Ok, if you didn’t do that well in science you’re not alone. So let’s make it simple. Oris has an opening in the crystal of the dial at the 12 o’clock spot that lets water into a channel that runs along the edge of the watches dial, which shows up light or dark grey. That light or dark grey channel corresponds with the scale indicating the depth on your decent or ascent. This dive watch is the perfect companion for both the professional and recreational diver. Oris has not yet indicated when it will be available for purchase, but rest assured Chrono Shield Watches will keep you posted.

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Taken 2: Watch Used To Get Out Of Sticky Situation

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Good day watch world. Sorry for the hiatus. I had a busy week and weekend. I finally got the chance to see the movie Taken II and it was a classic super sleuth, kick…… uh….butt adventure. If you haven’t seen it and you plan to, I suggest you not read this blog because I’m going to talk about a specific scene in the movie. Liam Neeson‘s character and his wife ” Lenore” get taken in Istanbul, Turkey. They’re snatched by some goons on a revenge driven mission and placed in a van with their hands bound and hoods over their heads. The part that caught my attention in this scene was Liam’s use of his watch as a telemeter in order to determine the distance of where the bad guys were taking them. Using the ticking on his watch he counted how long it took to get to the first turn. Then the next turn. How long it took to get to a spot where there was a bird in someone’s shop. All of this was done while tied up with his face covered by the hood. Once his captors got them to the location where they were being held, he calls his daughter back at the hotel using some miniature spy type cell phone. He tells her to pull out a map and draw a circle around the location of the hotel using a certain amount of kilometers. Then he tells her to grab one of his grenades from his field kit and throw it in a safe direction. He was able to hear the blast in order to determine how close they were from the hotel. Real trade craft stuff. Long story short, he was able to tell his daughter where they were using a form of telemetry with his watch. What kind of watch did he have you ask? There was too much action going on for me to see. Any way it was cool and I’m a geek…..I know.

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Legend Of The Fall

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Felix Baumgartner free falls wearing a Zenith Stratos watch.

Rising And Falling Into Greatness With The Zenith Stratos Watch

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Felix Baumgartner breaks the speed of sound in the Zenith Stratos timepiece. Makes me think of Tom Petty‘s song ” Free Falling”.

Seiko has finally released the Astron GPS Solar

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Press Release | SEIKO WATCH CORPORATION. You saw it at first. See title ” Solar Flares, Gotta Love Em”.

Storm Chaser

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Good day watch world. Today I wanted to highlight a watch brand whose history originated and was involved with the U.S. railways. I’m speaking of the Ball Watch Company. One of their time pieces caught my attention and that’s the Storm Chaser DLC. In the region that I grew up in, we’ve had our fair share of storms and tornadoes. We ran away from storms as opposed to chasing them. The Storm Chaser DLC is equipped to do just that. Chase storms. Along with its chronograph functions (with 30 minute and 12 hour measurements), it’s also equipped with telemeter and tachymeter functions. The telemeter is used to measure phenomenal occurrences such as thunder and lightning strikes and of course the tachymeter measures speed. Hopefully you don’t get sucked into a vortex but if you do the Storm Chaser is shock resistant up to 5,000Gs. If the lights go out. No worries. This piece is also equipped with 18 micro gas tubes that illuminate the hour, minute and second hands as well as the dial. Since we live in an ever-changing climate world-wide. Storm chasers will get good mileage out of this time piece.

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The Garmin Fenix Can Do Everything……Well Almost Everything

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Good day watch world. I recently discovered the Garmin Fenix while browsing an e-magazine a few days ago. This thing can do almost everything. It’s the ultimate gadget for the outdoors adventurer. If you’re going camping, you can mark up to 1000 points of interest and it will guide you back to those points of interest using the built-in GPS. The Fenix can also monitor your heart rate, ascending and descending rates if you’re biking. It’s functions also include a barometer ( temperature), an altimeter ( elevation) and of course a compass. You can also connect the Fenix to your smart phones mapping system to save your outing. If you’re a hunter you can also mark your tree-stand using the sunrise and sunset times to make sure you’re hunting during legal times. Geez Louise!! It does it all. I want one!!! Oh yeah. It also tells the time.

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