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A Salute to Resco Watch Company

Posted in Watches with tags , , , , on February 7, 2013 by chronoshieldwatches

Resco Watch Company aka ” Resco Instruments”, have hit the ground running in 2013. This company is in the process of producing two generations of the toughest watches on the market today. Their 1st and 2nd generation Patriots have become lucky charms for the guys going through BUD’S training. Resco is also raising tadpoles and dishing out their Bullfrog collection as well. You can also catch ” Mr. Reese” from CBS‘ ” Person Of Interest” with his super sleuth sidekick ” Mr. Finch” sporting a Generation 1 or 2 Patriot. Word is Resco has shipped Mr. Reese ( Jim Caviziel) a new Generation 2 Patriot. I’ve got a funny feeling many of Resco’s watches have seen more action in some of the worlds hot spots than I can imagine. But that’s classified. I look forward to see what else Resco has in store for 2013.

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Made It In America

Posted in Watches with tags , , , , , , , , , , , on September 12, 2012 by chronoshieldwatches

Good day watch world. Today I wanted to take the time to recognize two watch companies responsible for making exceptional time pieces. They’re both made in the U.S. and deserve to be placed in the top echelons of watch-making. I’m referring to Resco Instruments and Kobold. Resco is based in Coronado, CA, while Kobold watches are produced in Pittsburgh, PA. These two companies have produced some of the toughest and tactical time pieces in the game. While Resco has been seen on the wrist of Jim Caviezel on the CBS show Person of Interest as well as your local Navy Seal. Kobold watches can be found on the wrist of your average mountain climber or your neighborhood SWAT team member. Resco is run by active duty service members and Kobold was started by Michael Kobold while attending college 14 years ago. You can’t get more authentic and home-grown than that.

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