Time Keeping For World Leaders

Good afternoon watch world. This post may seem a little superficial, but I assure you it’s not. With the advent of so many world leaders at the U.N. this week and with so much going on around the world. I tried to find out what are world leaders wearing on their wrist while trying to manage their respective corners of the world. Whether their country is facing a financial meltdown. Whether they’re trying to defend against hostile forces. Whether they’re fighting for the right to exist. Whatever world leaders face, I guarantee you they’re checking their wrist to see how much time they have or lack there of. I’ve only been able to gather some information on who’s wearing what. If you’ve followed this blog, you already know that President Obama wears a Jorg Gray 6500 special edition provided to him by the Secret Service. Russia‘s Vladimir Putin has been spotted in Patek Philipe Perpetual watch or a Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Ocean Blue watch. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been spotted with Panerai‘s Luminor Marina. Frances Nicolas Sarkozy has been seen with a Girard Perregaux. If I am able to find out about more leaders, I will certainly post it. Some heads of state watch choices are more elusive than others.

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  1. Keep working ,great job!

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