Can’t Live Without My Chronograph

In today’s fast paced environment, we may find ourselves constantly multi-tasking. This habit even applies to time keeping. It doesn’t matter if you’re behind a desk, in a cockpit, playing spy vs. spy, climbing a mountain, chasing bad guys, diving to find Nemo or having a romantic dinner. Having a chronograph watch on your wrist always comes in handy. I’m personally addicted to chronograph time-pieces. From Casio to Audemars Piguet and everything in between. If it’s a chronograph, it gets my attention. My eyes light up even more if you add instruments like tachymeters( measures speed), telemeters( measures speed of sound for phenomenons like thunder & lightning). Oh, and don’t add a compass rose on a rotating bezel! I can’t live without my chronograph.

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3 Responses to “Can’t Live Without My Chronograph”

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