Political Time Keeping

Good Tuesday watch world. Since we’re witnessing another political race, I thought that I would take the time to find out what the candidates are wearing on their wrist. Whether they’re already in the White House making critical decisions, or if they’re hitting the road on a race trying to get to the White House. What are they wearing? Governor Mitt Romney has been spotted wearing a Tag Heuer Link Calibre Electro Mechanical Chronograph, which is equipped with two 160 degree dials to measure split seconds or the date. The central chronograph measures seconds, minutes and hours. It also has polished rhodium plated minute and hour hands with luminescent markers. Lastly the Link Calibre has an S-linked bracelet, a tachymeter scale on the bezel along with an anti scratch curved sapphire crystal face. Good choice Mitt. Now on to the commander-in-chief. President Obama has worn a Jorg Gray 6500 since 2007. The 6500 is equipped with a high precision Japanese chronograph, along with a date and 24 hour hand display. Stainless steel polished silver finish and scratch-resistant mineral crystal face. The President has had his watch modified to display the seal of the Secret Service on the dial of the watch. This is a simple but very stylish time piece. But the fact that it’s been worn while critical decisions have been made in the White House, is reason enough to get my vote. Take it easy political fanatics. This is a blog about watches.

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