What Makes it Super?

Ok. I’m back. Wheeew! To you all who follow and read this blog, you’re going to have to excuse me. I’m about to have a geek moment. Fair warning. Here goes. Question: What makes Superman “Super”? Answer: He get’s his power from the sun. He’s not bound by the laws of gravity ( so that makes him light on his feet). He’s indestructible. He’s faster than a speeding bullet…..etc.

Now back to earth. Citizen Watch Co. has introduced us to its Super Titanium Series. Now let’s see if they are “Super”. Powered by the Sun ( Eco-Drive)? Check. Titanium is lighter than steel ( light on its feet). Check. Titanium is considered and indestructible metal. Check. Now the faster than a speeding bullet part. Not sure, but you’ll be able to clock speed if your watch is equipped with a tachymeter. So, half of a check mark. I’ve always been a fan of Citizen and I own a titanium Citizen Eco-Drive watch. Citizen’s Super Titanium Series get’s a “Super” stamp of approval from ChronoShieldWatches. I do know that Citizen partnered with the movie ” The Dark Knight Rises” for marketing, so please excuse my reference to Superman.  Have a great weekend watch world.

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  1. I love reading your blog.

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