Happy Monday watch world. I had an interesting conversation this past weekend about watch movements. What is it and what does it mean. Simply put, if a watch has been assembled, tested and it’s parts make up 50 percent of the watch in that particular country( Switzerland-Swiss Movement or Japan-Japanese movement). Some watch companies may be manufactured in the U.S. and may get some parts from Switzerland. I’m not sure if there is an American category yet. Most high end watches are Swiss made or Japanese made. Although there are some U.S. made watches that I think  are making momentum in rivalling these high end brands. The technology used for these time pieces is amazing. If I get any more information on it I will certainly post it.

Speaking of movement. Have you guys been watching the Olympic Track and Field events this past weekend? Oh my God( I hate OMG). I’d like to doff my hat to Oscar Pistorius of South Africa. The double amputee who has captured the respect of the entire world! The Blade Runner!!! I developed a frog in my throat just watching this guy run. I secretly want Oscar to beat everyone. Just to see him walk on the track is just as electrifying as seeing him win a metal. Go Blade Runner Go!!!!! 

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